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Is It Really Real Though?

Just so you know, there will be spoilers for the movie Tomorrowland: A World Beyond. So, stop now if you plan on watching it. I highly doubt you want to watch it but you never know.

I loathe movies whose sole message is to preach about the imminent demise of Earth. I’m talking about 2012 (that movie was trash, utter trash), Interstellar (if it wasn’t such a mindfuck of a movie, I would hate it but I can’t), Elysium (why Matt Damon, why?) and every other soul-crushing apocalyptic film there is out there. Well, dare I say it, a movie singing to the same tune has finally gotten through my several walls of concrete and it has touched my heart and my mind and that movie was a Disney movie, can you believe it? Not only did it make sense, it terrified me.

The whole movie was about this other dimension called Tomorrowland. It was, obviously, 10,000 times better than Earth but for some reason which was super unclear, our world was going to end in 58 days precisely because of this monitor in Tomorrowland. Everyone figures out that the only way to save the Earth is by switching that machine off, go figure, but around 100 minutes in, Hugh Laurie who played the villain, goes into this totally expected monologue about why that monitor needs to be kept on and this is where I got messed up.

So this monitor is like a satellite that beams into different dimensions, including ours and it beams this idea that our Earth is destined to be overwhelmed and perish. It was subliminally incepting this notion that our Earth is dying and we are killing it by our greed, neglect and waste. But the villain kept stressing that he initially began emitting the signal to scare us into realising what life would become if we didn’t take care of what we have but he pressed that we just accepted our fate and since we had accepted it, we dived head first into ensuring that would be our end; no one was willing to accept a different fate or steer the wheel down another road, a happier and brighter road. And I really got shook. I really had to just stop and consolidate, considering it was a film meant for 12 year olds and their parents or whatever. The message was so realistic, I had to think: what if it was actually true?

What if this whole thing we know as life is actually some state we’ve all been induced into thinking is real? What if everything we eat and inhale and drink is all pumped with chemicals or enhancements to keep us completely embedded in this life? What if every outlawed substance is actually the only gateway to exposing what life is really about? What if Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Gandhi, and dare I say it, Nelson Mandela all knew something besides wanting to make the world a much better place? Or more realistically, what if someone, a higher being, really is beaming this notion that our world is destined to destruction by the work of our hands and we’re just accepting it?

It’s all really crazy though right? It’s all just conspiracy talk. It’s all far-fetched but the most powerful thing we have is our imagination. Our imagination is what leads to reality. You think, therefore, you are. You exist because your mind tells you so. I’m writing this because my mind is working. Surely filmmakers and authors of dystopian books such as 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid’s Tale, even The Hunger Games who come up with these worlds that seem so far-fetched yet entirely possible have an inkling of what’s going on or at least an idea of what is to come?

I can’t believe a Disney movie has managed to put me on the absolute edge regarding my own existence. It was a really mind-blowing concept; I don’t know why people didn’t go to see it, it didn’t do too well in the box office. But just think about it. Think long and hard. Think about what the higher authorities aren’t telling us, think about the outer body experiences you have. Think about all those moments you’ve had thinking why something is as it is and why no one is challenging it or taking their sweet time to act on it. Get all existential, it’s good for you.

Mini Rant of The Week

A word is enough for the wise: stop getting your knickers in a twist over things that do not affect your life. If it’s not directly stopping the flow of food into your mouth, why are you making so much noise? Worry about the plank in your own eye before screaming about the speck in someone else’s. Gosh.

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