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And So It Begins…

Hi there 🙂

I already sound like I’m trying to sell you something, oh well.


That’s me, the summer of 2014 in Amsterdam (it was amazeballs). I don’t usually look that put together, trust me. I’m a hot mess half the time.

I’m first of all a citizen of the world but I am British by birth, Nigerian by blood and a healthy mix at heart. I’m currently an 18 year old.

I’ve always wanted to blog as I love to write. I find inspiration in the oddest things but lately, I’ve been suffering from the world’s worst case of writer’s block. Ironically, I figured the best cure for my yearlong mental seizure would be to make a blog but I wanted it to be special and meaningful. The only way I could think of making it special was by publishing my first post on my first day of university. So original, right?

University – to me – is pretty much one of the biggest steps I will ever take in life, along with moving out, getting married, my first job related to my career and so on. I want this blog to be like a gift from present me to future me. I want to look back and see some kind of development in myself or something along those lines. However, I’m already not enjoying this whole university experience: I’m staying at home (one of the biggest bummers I could ever attribute with university life. Ever.) And the general population of my class are just beyond what I had hoped to be amongst (Hint: I think there are only 5 black people in a class of almost 150) but luckily for me, I can mingle with almost any pringle so it’s all hakuna… for now.

I keep a diary but there was something that keeping a personal diary didn’t offer compared to making a blog – I couldn’t share it with people. Now, when I say people, I mean people of the world, people I wouldn’t readily have the opportunity to speak to on a daily basis. The internet is a powerful thing: it brings people together and boom, you’ve started a discussion. Do you know how crazy social media is? How insane it is that people on a social platform are partly responsible for groups of people coming together and becoming friends? God knows how many times I’ve met people who watch the same YouTubers as me and how many friendships have blossomed based on that alone. Also, keeping a blog means I have to commit to it: I can go for weeks without writing anything in my diary but by making this blog, I have to be consistent because hey, I hope people actually read this thing and come back to read again!

So, starting from today, the 29th of September 2014, I solemnly swear to publish a blog post once a week, every week. I will commit, I will persevere no matter how busy I claim to be, how many views I get or how insignificant my life may seem at the time. So help me, God.

This blog will be personal, it will be heartfelt and most likely emotional but I want it to be real. I will rant, I might swear, I hope I won’t name-drop or slut-shame anyone but most of all, I will say it all. I hope by the time I reach a certain stage in my life (not sure about what this stage is yet), I’ll be able to look back on this post and say I have touched people and I have started a discussion with the world and it’ll all be worthwhile.

Until next week!

Love, Georgina x

P.S. I will have little “add-ons” with each blog post and I’d like to start with my song of the week and my quote of the week. I might add more as time goes on but this is all I’ve got for now!

Song of the Week – Papaoutai (Pentatonix Cover): it’s amazeballs, trust me. (YouTube link –

Quote of the Week – “i am mine. before i am anyone else’s.” – in